Originally I had thought that there might be some big revelation for why I felt the need to consolidate blogs into this one new location.  But to be perfectly honest – I just thought it was time for a change.  I may move a post or two over to this new location from the old one – but mostly this change is just so that I can start fresh and be more diligent about actually posting.  I can’t guarantee that they’ll always be interesting – but hey – if I was ALWAYS interesting, wouldn’t that be just as boring?

As for the whole pirate thing – I have a theory on that. It isn’t a fully formed theory yet, which is probably odd because I think it was the original theory, but I’m working on it.  Basically though – I think that we’re all in this life to get something out of it, and what I’m looking to get out of it is the adventure.  (well, that and the utter amusement of everybody, because people are funny as hell)  And this is my journey.  Like it, hate it, ignore it, be offended, whatever – I’m just hanging out on the high seas of Chicago.

I would also like to make a great big shoutout to my friend Andy who was kind enough to make the banner for this page. He’s good people – go check him out:  http://andyhannon.wordpress.com/