Yay for food!

So, now that my PMI-ACP certification test is over (passed, woo!) – I have a new project. The project is food. Because, everyone loves food.  Also, I eat a crapload of stuff that probably doesn’t really count as actual food.  So, gonna fix that.

But of course I can’t do anything without having a plan. Its both an upside and a downside.  But, it is what it is. And so, THE PLAN.

(this starts on Sunday, btw due to shopping requirements)

Sunday – roast chicken breasts day. I’ve never done this before, should be interesting. Gonna eat some of it with onions and peppers, and save the rest for future meals. 

Monday – chicken couscous with dried fruit, with the leftovers from the roast chicken breasts

Tuesday – turkey cutlets with gravy, veggies and potatoes

Wednesday – balsamic chicken & peppers

Thursday – yogurt and granola day. Also leftovers if there are any. I have school on Thursdays and don’t get home til practically ten and by then I pretty much just go to bed. 

Friday – “absent cook stew”, which will require the use of the crock pot. Totally looking forward to that one, I haven’t used my crock pot in WAY too long.

Saturday – braised brisket. another thing I’ve never made before, which will totally be an adventure!

Sunday – shepherd’s pie, made with leftover brisket 🙂

Monday – pappardelle with beef ragu – made with other leftover brisket and also bacon. so tasty

Tuesday – tuesday the 29th I actually don’t plan on cooking. we have a karaoke night planned so that’ll be one night off.

Wednesday – creamed peas and new potatoes. 

Thursday – school night, so more granola and yogurt snack/supper

Friday – honey glazed chicken stir fry

Saturday – chicken corn soup – another crock pot creation.


… and that’s it. that’s the plan.  To prepare, I needed groceries. Holy crap did I need groceries.  So I placed the biggest peapod order that i’ve ever placed. I really just don’t have the kitchen space to plan out meals.  But I was able to get everything except for a few spices that I wanted to get from Dean & Deluca (since my test tube spice rack is all empty and sad looking at the moment), and some meat.  That’ll require a trip over to Paulina Meat Market. I’ve never been, but I’m sure they’ll have what I need. 


I suspect that this will be a bit exhausting, but I imagine that it’ll be awfully tasty and I bet that I’ll actually feel better after all that yumminess.


so. many. groceries.